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About Me

I research and write at the intersection of media culture, critical discourse analysis, and the sociology of crime control and state violence, with an empirical focus on contemporary Australia. Informed by an abolitionist ethic, my doctoral thesis is concerned with the role played by news media in cultural processes of criminalization. More specifically, I investigate how journalistic representations of crime events delimit imaginative possibilities for different forms of security action, and in doing so help maintain the cultural conditions of possibility for policing, incarceration, and other coercive and punitive strategies of crime control. You can read more about my doctoral research here

I am currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science, due to defend my thesis in Spring 2022. I received my MSc in Media and Communications from the LSE in 2015, and a BA in International Studies from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, in 2013. My writing has appeared in a variety of publications including peer-reviewed journals like Journalism and Feminist Media Studies and popular publications like Progressive International. My work has been recognised with several awards, including the 2015 Silverstone Dissertation Prize and the 2021 ICA Top Student Paper Award for Visual Communication Studies (for research); and the 2019 LSE Class Teacher Award for Sociology (for teaching). A full list of publications, accolades, and other achievements can be found in my CV here

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