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Requests and Inquiries

Press, Interviews, Commentary, and Public Talks

I am available to journalists, practitioners, educators, community organizers and fellow academics for consultations, comments/interviews, and speaking engagements on a variety of subjects, including:

  • Crime journalism and popular media representations of crime and criminality

  • Law enforcement and the press

  • Police and prison abolition and the media

  • The politics of 'law and order' (especially in Australia)

  • Feminist movements in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States

  • #MeToo, public accusations, "trial by media", and the politics of belief

  • Sexual violence in the media

  • Media representations of marginalized people and groups (especially women, criminalized people/populations, and LGBTQA+)

  • Vulnerability and victimhood in public culture and media

Please direct all requests and inquiries to

Recent Press

Vox Media (22nd March 2024)

"The latest drama in "poverty porn" YouTube, explained"

Interview with A.W. Ohlheiser for Read here.

New Books Network (4th July 2023)

"Believability" (with Sarah Banet-Weiser)

Interview on the NBN Critical Theory Channel, hosted by Dr. Dave O'Brien. Featured as NBN Book of the Day. Listen here. 

LSE InstaTV (29th July 2022)

"Why are we so intrigued by the female con artist?"

Featured Expert, LSE Instagram Channel, 264,000 followers. Watch here. 

BBC Radio 4 (18 April 2022)

"The Female Con Artist"

Invited Guest, BBC Woman's Hour. Listen here (from 20:40)

Al Jazeera English (14 October 2021)

"Is the activist economy good for social change?"

Invited Discussant, The Stream. Watch here. 

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